Flip Removable Mebia Bit Sandisk Cruzer 32GB

I would like to know if there is any way to flip my removable media bit in my sandisk cruzer. I want to partition my drive and am unable to do that without flipping the rmb. I am experimenting with the ReadyBoost program using flashdrives to speed up my system. I want to partition the drive so I can do multiple boosts using only a single drive. You can only boost using a max of 4GB from each partition, which is why I need to have multiple partitions to get a larger system boost. If you guys could make a program similar to lexars bootit to help me achieve this result that would be great, thank you.


I’d be interested to know how to do this too, but for different reasons…

I’m trying to use a 32Gb Cruzer drive as a bootable recovery drive… The MSI Recovery tool can not detect the Cruzer drive when I plug it in as it is not tagged as “removable”… Any thoughts or suggestions?


I believe the RMPrepUSB tool, which makes the USB drive bootable, does that.  Not positive but think so.