Flash drives with indicator LEDs

I’m looking for 128GB USB 3 flash drives with Type A connectors and LED status lights.

What current models are available?

My system has relatively big buffers and says it’s done with transfers, etc. before it really is.

I can’t tell from the product descriptions which models have LEDs.

I don’t need the fastest drives. This is for backups, not regular use.

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@josephj I 've one Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 with me but the LED light is really tiny. Here is the link:


I’ve got and I’ve used more USB sticks than I can remember over the years and to be honest, not once have I ever thought “Uhmmm needs an indicator light”. Never noticed indicators being pushed as a big selling point either…you learn something new everyday :pleading_face:. But my son has got one sandisk extreme pro which has tiny led indicator light. Here’s the link:

I haven’t seen many USB flash drives that don’t have a light. I suppose there are some, but I don’t own any, and I have a variety of brands on hand. Even the tiny SanDisk Cruzer Fit, which barely protrudes outside the USB port, has a light. These are very good drives, btw.