I’ve just bought a new SSD Sandisk Plus.
And according to the manual, and some researchs, if possible, I better update my ssd firmware.
Ok. I’d downloaded Dashboard to try to update it, but it failed (the update).
The dashboard didn’t recognise my SSD.
Although I have formated it, and made many tests on it, like AS SSD, HDD Tune, CMD (Windows), and all of them went well, the Sandisk SSD keep not been recognised by Dashboard.
So I ask: it’s clear to me that this software (Dashboard) has some problems, and I can only update my SSD by that software (I couldn’t find other way to update it!), so, can I ignore the firmware update and use my SSD normally? Won’t I have any problem?
That’s it! If anyone can help me, I’ll be grateful.


I researched about and had my wife purchase a ssd-240 plus SATA for me for Christmas. I am connecting it using a USB 3.0 USB/SATA connector. Windows 10 1709 fails to read the disk, even after a windows 7 computer read and partitioned and named it just fine. Dashboard can’t see the drive… Many folks say that windows 10 can’t read these drives and windows has been absolutely no help whatsoever. Windows see something but does not recognize the device and nobody has drivers for this that I can find. Does anybody have a resolution? It won’t read on either of my windows 10 devices, in any port.