Comprei uma nova pendrive cruzier fit 32gb (já possuia uma) e esta nova quando vou remove-la do windows ela aparece com o nome “Firebird USB flash Drive” porque? isto é normal? a minha anterior que deveria ser do mesmo modelo aparece certo.


I bought a new 32gb pendrive cruzier fit (already had one) then when I remove it from windows appears in the removal as “Firebird USB flash drive” … Why? Is this normal? my old pen drive should be the same model, but the correct name appears.

What does the Cruzer’s autorun.inf file look like? 

I do not mean the icon in “My Computer” there is normal, this pendrive formatted, speak the name she has when I remove it

sorry for my poor english

hmmm Interesting.  No idea then.

I had the same experience with my 16GB cruiser fit.

Also I couldn’t make it bootable using “windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” and could not create a WIFI setup .

The flash is not in the list !!!

Is this fake ? how can I test it ?


This is my device info

Is this fake or not ?

I had the same experience with my 16GB cruiser fit.

Really?  I don’t see the word Firebird in your image.  What am I missing?