Files deleted automatically from sdcard.

I recently bought 64gb Ultra SdCard for my android phone. I put a folder in it with 300 mp3 files, after week, now the folder just disappeared. What is the reason behind it?

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Hi @junomariop,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi, yes you should try to get technical support and you can also use any software recovery softwar. thanku

In my view, the reasons for the issue may be:
#1. There are some logical errors with the SD card, such as bad sector. Try runnig CHKDSK to find and fix it.
#2. Since the lost data is mp3 file, you may try deleting the Nomedia file in the SD card to see if it works.
#3. Software errors. Check the apps which are installed after the mp3 files loss to see if it’s resulted from software conflict.
These are just common fixes. Hope they can help you out.
Check this link to get the details and more solutions.