File organization nightmare....

I use Winamp for all my playlists on Sansa Fuze ( I hate Windows Media Player). All you need to do is organize your files the way you want them on the player, then create your playlists with Winamp from the files that are stored there. Be sure to save your playlist in the folder on the player where the files are stored. Files can also be in subdolders of the one where the playlist is stored. The playlist itself must not be in a subfolder.:manhappy:

I’ve written a very simple program in Ruby to update tags based on file name and location.  with my archos mp3 player i had all my files in hierarchical folders grouped by genre, then artist, but the fact that the genre tag is completely nonstandard makes it worthless when using id3s. and i don’t know how people stand poor artist naming either.  Mars Volta vs. The Mars Volta vs. the mars volta vs. MarsVolta?  screw that.

my program reads a folder hierarchy such as









------(songs…)         #will not have an album tag or will tag same as artist name or will tag as “+misc” whichever is desired




if anyone’s interested let me know.  you do have to install ruby on your machine (usually simple and painless), but if you’re sick of the crappiness that is the id3 world, maybe you’re smart enough to get through it. 

it’s free of course.  i’m interested to see if anyone cares, if they do i might release it in some form.