File Name Length


I just bought this Cruzer Glide (32Gb) [SDCZ60-032G]. First issue was locating the drive, as it would not display under My Computer. I’ve done a round-about on this, and can get in. The issue now is, when I attempt to copy files over I am getting a pop-up, “Select a File Name”, indicating “The destination does not support long file names. Please enter a name for this file.” My file names are in no way extensive, and I simply cannot shorten them to the degree this seems to indicate while maintaining an identifiable entry. Can this limitation be removed, and if so, how might I go about it, please.

Assistance most welcome!


Are you using Windows Explorer to copy the files?  If so there should be no file name length limit.

Are you using SecureAccess to copy the files?  If so, and the names are important to you, don’t use it.

Files can be written to the drive outside/alongside SecureAccess’s files and vault.

Hi Savio, any updates on this for you? How about if you rename the files to just one or two characters, does it behave the same?