Extremely slow and failed backups to Box.net

My scheduled weekly backups of my photos and videos to Box.net always end up failed with “backup error” on my notification bar. In fact, I have never had a single successful backup after I have installed the app a few weeks ago. It always stops syncing at around 40+ photos/videos no matter what I do. And even while it’s syncing, the speed is extremely slow at around 20-40 kbps.

My wifi is definitely working well and there’s plenty of space on Box.net (48GB to be exact). And I only have less than 200MB of photos and videos on my phone(Galaxy Nexus). So I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with it. 

I really want it to work so please help and thanks.

I’ve found out the cause of the problem - one image with a very long name and weird characters.

I think Box.net doesn’t allow files with weird ACSII characters so it’s being blocked, resulting in the app being stuck at that photo for a long time (thus the seemingly slow speed) and returned with a general error message.