problem with backup on dropbox

Hi, if i try to make backup on my sandisk 8gig ultra sdhc 1 card, all work fine.  But i would like to make my backup on my dropbox service and it fail.  When i start the backup it take long long time before start, make copy of 10 to 15 files very very slow and after, slow down and slow down again and after noting…  i wait 2 day before stop the backup and try again.  same thing.  Can you help me please?


I also uninstall and install again sandisk memory zone software, try to make backup on dropbox… same problem ;(

anyone can help me please?

no technical support from sandisk ??

This is a user’s forum, not an official SanDisk Tech Support forum.

You can contact SanDisk almost anywhere in the world by following this link:

The customer service reps are trained and paid to help. We are not. :wink:

Thanks for your answer Tapeworm

but it’s realy strange because i contact Sandisk by phone and he give me address and said post your question because sandisk don’t support software by phone, only by forum web site…


Please try to delete and re-add your dropbox account to the memory zone App.This usually fixes the issue.

If not, please provide the following info: Android OS Version, Host device.


Hi Extreme3,

first, thanks for your post.  Correct me if i’m not OK but if I have uninstall and reinstall the application, the dropbox account have already delete and re-add?  I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII (SGH-I747M) with Android OS 4.1.1

thanks again!


Thank you for the information. I will forward the same to the development team. 


Has there been any headway on this issue?  I have the same problem, it takes a long (LONG) time, then backs up a couple hundred kb and stops.  The Time Remaining will show 146 hours (example) and the bw will fluctuate without any noticeable pattern.  Stopping/restarting did not help.  Sometimes, leaving the app running and returning to the home screen and then going back to the app will show an increase in bytes backed up (first time only).  I assumed that this was the app updating the display and flushing the queue. 

I have removed/re-added my dropbox account.  There is plenty of space in my dropbox account.

HW:  HTC One V, ver 0002

SW version:  1.08.652.11.710RD

OS:  Android 4.0.3

HTC Sense:  4.0

HTC SDK API level:  4.21

I found SanDisk from an article on how to back up your Android devices to the cloud, on

Hi Extreme3, do you receive more information about this issue?

let me know,


I also try with google drive service and same problem…  I see skydrive is also support…  I will create a skydrive and test it.



I test this software with skydrive, same problem!  Anyone try to use this software to make backup with online service and sucess??

Let me know!


i have the same problem, it’s very frustrating, i hope in a fast solution from sandisk, there’s a lot of different apps able to do the same operations without problems…

hey is anybody there?

Hi guys,

the problem seems to be solved! :smiley:


Hi Inotto,

can i know what you did to resolve the problem??

let me know!

Thank you,


Hi, anybody have idea for me??  I have same problem event if i uninstall / reinstall, try other card, try other online service.  I try speak to SanDisk by phone but i have for answer, post on forum!!  More than 3 months and no solution for my problem… :mansad:

thanks you,


Hi everybody, it make no sens… i buy this in december and i steel have the same problem 5 months later!!  Anybody can help me?


Dominic Gaudreau

The problem I reported with the beta release 14.3.17 is based on the principle that no software, Dropbox included, should create files that break the standard functions of the manufacturer’s operating system.