Extreme Pro 512Gb slow to appear in Windows 10?

It can take several minutes to appear on my Windows 10 PC, yet if I connect my Corsair Flash Voyager GT it appears instantly !?!?. Both drives formatted NTFS.

Do these drives have a driver that may need installing/updating or is it a common drive issue ?

Hi @DigitalDreams,

In order to check speed of your flash drive we recommend you to please use below software to make a general assessment of your testing.
• To download the software, please refer to below link:

Windows: CrystalDiskMark
Mac: BlackMagic utility

• Run the file and Install the software by following the installation wizard.
• Once the software is installed, please locate the “CrystalDiskMark Application” icon on the desktop
• Double click the icon and then select the SanDisk flash drive in the Device box.
• Run the speed check read & write speed.
• Once this process will complete, share screenshot of test results with us on support@sandisk.com

Hope it helps!!

NTFS is a journalling file system which adds overhead to removable drives. For better performance especially with large files exFAT should be used.

What ??, this is nothing to do with drive speed. Read my post again.