extreme 32G sandisk SD card tells me OS X can’t repair the disk “EOS_DIGITAL.”

Mods please move this thread to the appropiate forum as I cannot figure out where to ask this question.

I took lots of pics with this card, and when i insert it into my mac via USB drive it tells me this…OS X can’t repair the disk “EOS_DIGITAL.”

I have tried 1 other usb drive and it does nothing at all.

I am heartbroken since i shot a championship soccer game and the entire winning team and fans are waiting to se the pics of the game action.

How can i fix this please!

Many thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.16.33 PM.png

i cannot figure out how to edit my thread, but in post note, that pop up keeps popping up and shuts down, pops up and shuts down over and over again.

Does the card work in the camera? Have you tried connecting the camera to the computer and using it as a reader? Have you tried the card with any other computers?

I had a similar problem with the same message for my new camera. We discovered the problem was the card reader. My old card reader did not deal with the new cards that I bought which was a 64GB extreme Pro. If you know someone with a newish card reader you might try theirs to down load your files. This was the solution for me so give it a go.