Extreme 240 can't initialise after failure


The ssd in question is a couple of weeks old.  Used it in a Blackmagic Cinema camera and it worked fine until it went back to the camera after removing the video files on a mac and the camera would no longer record to it.  Put it back on the mac and it says disk needs to be initialised.  However it wont allow me to initialise it to the mac standard and says that the drive is only 33kb in size.

Is this a warranty issue with drive or something else.

Can I get the drive to operate again?


The partition table may be corrupted, you may just need to remove the partition table by using partitioning software or by low level formatting the first few MB of the disk, then recreate the partitions and format.

Check the SMART status as well, if it is in ‘Good’ condition then you should be able to recover the drive. If its Bad or Caution, the drive may need replacing.

Looks like a long and daunting task. By the way, do you have a URL for a step by step guide onto doing this by any chance?