Error Sandisk secure acces V2.0 con Usb Sandisk Cruzer Blade 32GB

Non riesco a formattare la penna usb… non mi apre il programma Sandisk Secure Acces 2.0 , quando clikko due volte su " SandisksecureaccessV2_win " mi d questo errore “This version of Scandisk  Secure Access 2.0 requires a Sandisk Usb Flash Drive. Please insert one and try again”… Io la usb l’ho inserita in tute le porte possibili ed immaginamibi ma da sempre questo errore… Cosa devo fare aiutatemi!! 


i think it would be helpfull if you would post your issue also on English and not only the error message so we can help you further.

I can not format the USB stick … I do not open the program Sandisk Secure Acces 2.0, when clikko twice on “SandisksecureaccessV2_win” gives me this error "This version of Scandisk Secure


if you wish to format the usb drive then you dont need to open the secure access. you can simply go to my computer/ right click on the flash drive and then click on the option format

so you have just formatted your flash drive and you got rid of the secure access software.

when I run this procedure tells me that the pendrive is write protected … so it allows me to format it … what can I do?


in that case the flash drive is write protected and you cannot do anything else with that, its defective. you can go to the place of purchase for a possible replacement or contact the sandisk support to receive a warranty replacement.