Error Code 2


My system has small freezes so I decided to give my ssd a test.

I was testing my SSD with a short and a extended test. The short test finishes ok but the extended test doesn’t end complety ( around 23 %) and the only information I receive is Error Code 2.

After receiving the error code I was searching the web for more information concerning the error code but it didn’t give me a lot of info. The SSD dashboard was launched multiple times, I gave the system multiple reboots and tried an extended test multiple times. The ssd firmware is up to date.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? Or give me more information concerning this error code?



error code 2 means the test was interrupted by the host with a software or hardware reset. This error typically indicates something on the host is causing the issue. this is not typically a hardware issue with the SSD.

I would suggest restarting in safe mode and rerun the test and see if it completes in safe mode. If it does you will have to work out what software in your environment is causing the issue.

If it does not complete in safe mode it could be a power issue from the host. I would connect the SSD as a secondary in a known good host and rerun the test. If it complete in the known good host the issue could be the power supply or some other hardware issue in the host. 

If SMART extended test fails on both computers it may be an issue with the SSD itself. If that is the case contact sandisk support and file a warranty replacement request. 

Hey Drlucky,

Thanks for your input.

I just tried to start the test in Safe Mode but around 24 % it stops and gives me the same error code. At the moment is not an easy choice to install the ssd into another system because it’s an HP laptop and it’s an M.2 ssd. I have no other m.2 compatible system available.

For the moment I will wait and if the situation gets worse, I will take action.

Have a good day!