EQ in SanDisk Mobile App

I would like to see an equalizer integrated into the SanDisk Wireless apps (Wireless Media Drive & Wireless Flash Drives). I use my WMD with my iPhone, and the phone does now have an equalizer as does many other music apps available, but it won’t work when streaming music through the SanDisk apps, which is required when using the drives.

I typically listen to my music (as the artist intended) with a flat response, but there are some songs which would benefit from a boost in bass or treble or other tweaking an EQ could provide. This could also adjust for different head/earphones with their individual audio representations.

If anyone else would like to see this happen, please respond to this post. If SanDisk sees enough interest generated, they will be motivated to get this request to the development team for implementation.

I would like to see EQ, ofcourse as I wrote in other post :slight_smile:

C’mon people. I can’t believe only 2 people want an EQ function when using the WMD and its respective app with their iPhones.

Sandisk ain’t gonna develop it for just 2 people. If you lke this idea, please respond and say so in this thread. :wink:

Thanks for support.

I think that is much more people would like to see EQ in music player from sandisks app :slight_smile:
Unfortunately no one write about it but they only read this topic :frowning:
Personally I very love listen to music with sandisk wireless flash drive and need equalizer because I’m using different headphones.

Developer should add EQ this must be not very difficult.