e130 takes 3 minutes to power on with SD card

I recently put a 2 gig SD card into my e130.  The card has probably 700 megs worth of mp3 files on it.  The player recognizes the card and it works great except:

When I power on, the e130 insists on checking the card for changes every single time.  This process takes 3, sometimes 5, minutes to complete.  As you might imagine, this is VERY annoying.  

Anybody know of a way to get around this or speed it up?



no work around. if a sd card is in the player it will refreash the database everytime it is powered on. the e100 is a old device and is no longer made as far as i know.

What drlucky said.

There are some modern MP3 players that don’t always refresh their microSD card database: 

  1. Sansa Connect - doesn’t need to refresh the microSD database when started up after being in Sleep mode.* It somehow knows when the card has been re-inserted.  It even resumes playing at the place in the song/podcast/audiobook where you left off.

  2. Sansa Fuze - According to the anthingbutipod Fuze review, “The [microSD] card will fully integrate with the main memory including photos and video, creating one library. The media library will only refresh the database when the card is first inserted.”  While that review talks of per-file resume, it doesn’t say whether this good resume also works for content on the microSD card.

 *The Connect has two stages of “off”: Sleep and full Shutdown.  Shutdown is entered either manuallly by holding down the power button for 5-10 seconds, or automatically after the player has been in Sleep mode for 72 hours. 

i ahve a fuze, it refreshes occasionaly, but its so quick that its not even an issue.

Ah, thanks.  So if the Fuze refreshes, then content on the card can’t resume correctly. 

The Connect’s resume on the card was a complete and pleasant surprise.  Kudos to the developer who did this.  He/she must have devised a way to tell whether a card was inserted, maybe wrote a sequential number to somewhere on the card?  Probably something more clever, am having trouble guessing what.