Duplicate songs after loading music

I’ve searched this forum for “duplicate” but (obviously) haven’t found my answer.


When I load music onto the Clip Sport (using drag-and-drop with two windows of File Explorer), and then open one of the albums, the player shows each song repeated. “Help.” “Help.” “Let It Be.” “Let It Be.” Etc.

It’s not just a problem with the display. When playing the album, the songs repeat, just as shown.

What has not worked:

– Formatting the player.

– Resetting the player.

– Updating the firmware. (It’s now version 1.43.)

Some advice has been to go the player’s Settings > System Settings > and then looking for “USB mode” but I don’t see “USB mode” at all.

Other advice has referred to Windows Media Player, but that’s not an issue here (I don’t think), as the songs are copied from the computer to the player without WMP even open.

All advice appreciated.

– Steve