Drive has converted to RAW and cannot access files

My drive was recently not allowing me to backup the data on it because of bad sectors being reported. I ran CHKDSK /F /R. The sectors weren’t being repaired, so I searched online for a solution. The first one I ran across was to try Victoria. I ran that and it reported many uncorrectable errors. I then tried to clone the drive to an external fantom drive so I could then format the SSD, then put the flies back onto the drive. That did not work.

I then tried to remap and restore the bad sectors but that also did not work as it gave me either access denied or a failed message. After researching more into the issue, I rebooted my PC. I then tried TestDisk. After another reboot, the drive would no longer have access to the files. A new partition was recreated and I don’t know how to access the old partition so I can retrieve the files. The drive has been converted to RAW from NTFS. It has not been formatted. It prompts me to do so when accessing it, but that will wipe the data off the drive.

I need help in recovering the old partition or help in recovering the data off the drive. I am at my wits end here :frowning:

Hi @Raydawgms,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: