Does this work with iTunes DRM video - iTunes purchased movies and tv shows?

I tried to copy a movie and a tv show I have purchased from iTunes to the Wireless Stick and stream it to my iPad and my iPhone.  They show up in the Sandisk Connect app, but when I try to play them, the loading circle spins and spins and it won’t play.

Will this not work with iTunes purchased content?


no the wireless stick will not play with drm protected files from itunes you can also check it on the details website on the supporteed file formats for the stick

For iTunes videos, they are protected by the DRM. If you want to use the iTunes video files on other devices, then you need to remove the DRM first. To make it, you could try the tool iTunes Media Converter for Windows. It can rip the DRM limitations from iTunes videos and convert them to plain video formtas. Then you can stream the iTunes movies to other devices for using.