Disk error on disconnect on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Case Number: 240316-001533
Date: 03/15/2024 08:05 PM

You can mark this case closed. I found a solution on line. When I tried to contact support, the information they required to open the case was unacceptable. I merely wanted to know if there was a way to disconnect the SSD I purchased recently from my phone without error. Had I know that Western Digital was actually the vendor behind Sandisk, I would have purchased something else.

Fortunately, the device I purchased, the Extreme Sandisk Portable SSD appears to be working with my Galaxy S24 ultra and the answer too my problem was on line and already built into the phone software. Search Galaxy S24 Ultra unmount SSD.

The who structure of Western Digital Support appears to be built around the tactic that if you require too much information to start the diagnosis, they will stop asking the questions…just my opinion based on observation.

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