Different SD card names?


Can someone please help me figure out what to buy for my Note8?

I see two cards both called “Ultra” on MAZON, SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A and SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA. What is the difference? What does these letters SDSDQUAN and SDSQUAR mean? What does G4A and GN6MA mean?

I am running into major problems with the Sanddisk  EVO Plus microSDXC UHS-I Card 256GB Class 10 U3, it is simply TOO SLOW, copying to it is as slow as 300-500k/s (yes KB not MB)!

Could I have bought fake cards or what? I am copying 120Gb of music and photos (12000 files) but I have been trying for 4 days now and I end up with failures after reaching 10-20%!

What do I need to buy exactly to work on my Note8 and give me fast speed (20-30MB/s) and 200+GB?

Thank you all.

SDSDQUAN is class 10 UHS -I and SDSQUAR is class 10 UHS - I and A1. A1 is an android Application performance class rating. If you plan of using the card in a Note 8 the A1 card would be best if you plan on running applications from the card.

G4A and GN6MA are packaging codes. They do not mean anything for the card itself.

The issue you describe for the other card sounds like it may be a a fake. You can contact sandisk support to check the authenticity.  

Have a look at this website.

There are a number of tests that can be carried out on your card to determine if it is fake or not.