64gb card code

Hi, Im new here and I want to buy 64gb mobile ultra for my phone (as its only 64gb micro sd card, which im 99% sure will work), but I have few questions:

  1. Is there difference between SDSDQUA-032G-U46A and SDSDQUI-032G-U46A?

As i read here: http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/Mobile-memory-professional-cards/No-difference-between-Mobile-Ultra-and-Ultra/m-p/289540/highlight/true#M1911

QUA is for cameras and QUI is for phones/tablets and I want to know if QUA will work with android or not. Why?

  1. Card I can buy is  SDSDQU-064G-U46A , so it doesnt have neither QUI nor QUA. It has A in the end (after U46) so i think its QUI (this A means Android - know about it from thread i give link)

Thanks for answers :smiley: If something is hard to understand, i will try to explain it better, but you need to know that English is not my native.

QUA - Android SKU

QUI - Imaging SKU so it can be sold in camera stores along side cameras like GoPro

Q - Standard packaging

Basically all the card are the same just packaged different so they can get shelf space in different types or retail stores. 

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Yeah I understand, but in most shops in Poland the card code is QU without A or I (same has A). And additionaly on the and after U46 is A (android picture on packegae), even on “QUA” (!!!) cards. So I dont know what it means and its strange for me how sdcard an be ONLY for cameras and FOR android (made especially for Galaxy Camera or what?)

However now I partly understand that even QUA should work in phone? Thats good coz I dont need to worry and search for QUI - just buy which model is in shop…