Different LED Behavior on SanDisk Cruzer 4GB.


I have recently purchased 4 new SanDisk Cruzers (4GB) that were on sale at Radioshack. I can tell you this now, I certainly do love these USB’s. Nothing else looks as sleek as these, but at the moment, it is not the case. I have just noticed different LED behavior on two different models (however both are still 4gb).

At the moment, I have a BH1003OBWB which I have formatted for use on my Xbox 360 as external media. The LED behavior seems fine when it is writing data to the device (around 2 blinks per second if I’m timing it correctly). To me, that seems to be normal behavior to the SanDisk Cruzer.

The devices I bought at the Radioshack sale are BH1010OHUB. These USB’s seem to blink around 6 - 8 times per second while writing data to the device. I was wondering if this is normal behavior to the devices? Or should I go back to the radioshack and return the new devices?

both are normal. the LED behavior depends on the controller that is used. some devices (yes even the same product) will actually use different internal parts. no need to be concerned.