Sandisk Cruzer Blade Blue 8 GB Pen Drive

Hi, I want to purchase Sandisk Cruzer Blade Blue 8 GB Pen Drive.

In this regard, I want to know that -

  1. Is this device has LED indicator ?

  2. Is this device has U3 support ?

  3. What is meaning of Limited Edition regarding this specific device ?

  4. What is difference between this device and Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8 GB Pen Drive (Black & Red)

  5. Is black and red version has LED and U3 support ?

Thanks for support in advance…

  1. No LED

  2. No U3 support

  3. The color

  4. Nothing other thaqn the color

  5. No LED, No U3 support

I have purchased one from a store who claimed to be a Sandisk authorized seller. Its blue and black in color 16GB and has a LED where there is hole to attach a string or keychain. I noticed the difference after purchasing another one red and black 8GB. 

Both say Sandisk Cruzer Blade. Have I received a fake one ?