Did an upgrade, now I'm always in MTP mode...

I read the article where it discusses how to set the express into MSC mode.  But is there ANY way to change the default — i.e. what it does when I plug it into a machine that it has never been connected to before?

I’d like to use it to transfer files/songs between machines (as well as listening to them) and I don’t want to use WMP and don’t like having to go into the device manager and reset the drivers whenever I go to a new machine.


can’t default it to MSC mode, unless some person decides to make a custom firmware.

the sansa express defaults into MTP mode… always, regardless of FW version.

On XP you can go to control panel -> system -> hardware -> device manager
the right click on the device and pick update driver and choose between MTP
and USB MSC. There is on this forum step by step procedure. I was doing this
on a regular basis for while.


See this thread: