Deleting files from Flash Drive

I have a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 16GB Flash Drive.  I use it with two computers, an iMac and a Macbook Air, both using OS X 10.8.2.  I recently loaded about 10GB of files onto it.  I have now deleted those files.  However Finder is still showing the Flash Drive as carrying 10.8 GB of files and having only 5.2 GB available.  When I try to save a 10 GB folder to the Flash Drive, I get a message saying that there is not enough available space.

How do I delete uploaded files from the Flash Drive so that I can re-use the whole 16 GB?

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I don’t use a Mac, so I’m going off memory of what I’ve read here before but I think you have to empty your Trash while the drive is still connected to your Mac.

Thanks.  That works.

I have the same problem. I have been deleting the files the correct way (by dragging them to the trash) but my drive is supposed to be a 16gb and only shows 142.7mb available with 0 files. Any help would be great.

This didn’t work for you?