delete file from ios

Dear All

I am new to the sandisk wireless memory.

I correctly use it to copy file from and to ipad/iphone from the mac.

The question is: how is possible to delete a file within the sandisk connect app?

When a try to delete a file, using the corresponding trash icon, it comes out a popup saying the file has been deleted but when I connect again to the stick, the file is still there.

I am able only to delete with the mac, emptying also the trash.

Is it possible to to that within IOS??



swiping left on a single file and selecting the track can icon will delete a single file. Tapping select at the bottom and selecting multiple files then the trash icon will delete multiple files. this delete the file only from the connect drive. 

i tested both methods and they are working as expected. What version of the app, and iOS are you using? What type of files are you trying to delete? Where are they stored? on they root or in a folder?

I tried to delete pdf file, on the root

I am using ios 12.1 and sandisk 3.2.4

I ahve the same app and ios version and just tested a pdf of the root. it deletes as expected. Maybe try backing up the data and formatting the drive. if you have 32GB or less use FAT32 and if 64 or higher use exFAT for the files system. If you are using a mac to format the drive make sure and use MBR partition scheme. MAC defaults to GUID and that is not compatible with the app. 

Ok i will try to format the usb and test it. Thank you for your kind support