Dead Device - Unknown Device Windows 7 - Working Find Then Go Bad

I got a problem , the flash drive was working just perfect for 10 days exactly, i was copying a divx movie, it finished the copy, then i put it onto Divx Portable Player, and it said that USB is not valid, then i return it my laptop, and GOSH!!  Unknown device pop ups every single time that i plug it into a usb port. Change laptop, the same, put it usb into car stereo, the same, not a valid usb. I’ve made it all, the power supply turn off solution, the uninstall from control panel, the update driver option, i refused to think that is a hardware problem, because it went from good to bad, in less than a minute. Thank you in advance for your help. I’m from México, english is not my native languaje.

there is no need for you to post in 10 threads with the exact same message.

you ahve a bad drive it will need to be replaced.