Dashboard Perfromance chart does not work though PerfDisk is enabled and rebuilt.

Hello. I am seeking help for a problem I have with Dashboard.

I downloaded the installer for Dashboard (v and installed it without problem in my Win7Pro Lenovo E560, which came with an SSD SanDisk (SD8SB8U512G1122) as the system disk. Dashboard Performance tab says “performance chart say that it cannot retrieve any data for plotting.” But the solutions in the link provided by that message do not solve my problem, and I still cannot see a performance chart.

Before applying the solutions of checking the register and of rebuilding the performance counter setting, my laptop had:  [1] the TRIM command on (e.g., running in a SysWoW64 cmd.exe  “fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify” I get “DisableDeleteNotify = 0”); [2] the Performace counter for the harddisk ( PerfDisk ) enabled (according to the command “lodctr /q”); and []3 the register key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PerfDisk\Performance did not have a subkey “Disable Performance Counters.”

These values were not changed after running in a SysWoW64 cmd.exe the command “lodctr /r” (answer: “Info: successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store”). Despite this, Dashboard still cannot retrieve those data for its graph.  If run perfmon.msc , however, I can see physical disk monitoring in the Performance Monitor graph window, so the system monitoring works.

Does someone here have any informed suggestion on how to make Dashboard show the disk performance graph?  TIA


The problem is not in my laptop but in version of Dashboard.

Since a prior version is not available here, I searched the web for “Dashboard 1.4.3”  Despite the many sites that show up in the search listings but actually provide ver, I managed to find at least one site providing a direct full download --that is, without receiving a downloader of that site, which then is supposed to download what you want and try to put some crapware in the machine-- of ver 1.4.3.  It passed three different malware scans, so I installed it and now Dashboard actually shows the performance graph. I have blocked Dashboard at the Firewall so it does not update to

SanDisk should reconsider its policy of not providing downloads for at least a prior-to-current version.