Performance Chart Not Working

I own both a 960GB and 240GB ExtremePro SSD’s installed in two different systems.

The SSD Dashboard Performance Chart does not load for my 960GB Extreme Pro.  I had the 240GB installed in this particular PC before the 960, and the performance chart worked fine with it.  The chart also comes up on the 240GB installed in my 2nd PC.

 Hi brjones,

What do you mean by “not load”? Do you see a message instead of the chart?

If so, the message should point you to the following page:

Try to follow the instruction on the page and let me know if that worked or not.

Also, could you try to connect both drives on the same PC and switch between them in the Dashboard performance chart.


Awesome, that worked!  I did see a message concerning not being able to retreive data, and it directed me to refresh the drive,  but did not see a message directing me to the solution in the registry.  Performance Counters were disabled, value =1.  I changed it to zero and restarted the SSD Dashboard and viola, performance data was there.

Thanks again.

Hey George,

I have one more issue you may be able to help with.  This issue is with my other Extreme Pro, the 240GB.  When I manually run TRIM from the Dashboard, it just says TRIM COmpleted Successfully…instantly, no progress bar at all.  When i had it in my other system, i could have sworn it always shows a progress bar, and took a few seconds to complete.  My 960’s TRIM definitely shows a progress bar and takes about 5 seconds to finish.

Any thoughts?

Hi brjones,

TRIM may behave differently on different systems. We found that TRIM may cause Windows restore points to be corrupted, so we do different TRIM commands based on that, for instance. What OS are you using on your 2 systems? Do you create restore points?


Windows 7 64bit on both systems.  I have system restore disabled on both systems.  just seems weird that TRIM is instant, no progress bar at all, on one system.  Leads me to believe it did not run at all.

Hi brjones,

We have changed TRIM behavior in the next version. We should release it very soon. Try it and let me know.