Dashboard Doesn't Detect My SSD

Hello, I use my SSD as external SSD. Why can’t the dashboard detect my SSD? There are so many 3rd party tools out there that can detect my SSD easily but not Sandisk dashboard itself. My enclosure comes with JMicron controller and it does support UASP in any OS. Besides, I have successfully TRIMmed my SSD many times using Optimize-Volume command from Windows 10 Power Shell. However, SSD Dashboard doesn’t detect my SSD neither in Windows 10 (UASP supported) nor 7 (UASP not supported). Btw, I have the latest version of dashboard. 

Thank You.

I installed version of Dashboard and it successfully detected my SSD. Kudos to Sandisk Dashboard.

I have found that with optane memory installed and enabled, sandisk dashboard will not detect my ssd.  with optane disabled, dashboard WILL dectect my ssd.  I don’t know if that is your issue, but it was with me.