Extreme pro sandisk ssd on SCSI: how to check status?


I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD 240GB on my system.

I saw it can’t be detected and checked for status by the sandisk dashboard.

From a so big company as Sandisk is, that seems very bad to me, because it is very long time (YEARS) the dashboard doesn’t support scsi controller detection and management.

So, please let me know how to check status and manage my Sansidk SSD in absence of support from your Dashboard.

I don’t want to find problems after they happened.



Hi Albedo, 

Unfortunately these drives are designed for SATA interface and certain commands may not pass through SCSI-SATA interaction, dashboard commands may be among them. 

In this case, You can check your drive statues with third party tools or softwares and share the result with us if you have any concern. Dashboard is an add-on software that comes with the drive, but not mandatory to use, and it will not effect your usage if you do not use dashboard