Darn It!!

I found myself out of town again… and needing to replace a client’s laptop hard drive…  I immediately gravitated to SanDisk Ultra II  because of prior history with them… Though I knew (This laptop didn’t…) Sandisk only supports AHCI  Sata Interfaces properly (In other words… Non AHCI controllers won’t update firmware…).


But on top of that…I’m not finding any store’s here that stock Ultra II SSD’s!!   Nor Pro’s… only another as yet untested by me… Sandisk Product…

GUYS!!! WHAT THE HECK… are you trying to do… Alienate Me?


Well I ended up loaning my laptop to them, and mail ordering an  Ultra II SSD to be sent to office…   I’ll fix it, and mail it back…

You’d think that in a city as Large as Chicago… Somewhere there would be stock on the shelf!!!

Stumbled upon ONE Ultra II 960 at a Best Buy…   They gave me same price as Computer store when I showed them the ad…

Installed, Registered, and it’s working beautifully!!!

And the nice part… Firmware is current for V1.4.4.4 of Dashboard ---- Which is real good because that laptop does not have AHCI controller!!!

SanDisk… Please work on that!!! :)!

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No sooner did I fix one unit… but another laptop showed up, with a note on it ‘Please Update Me!’

Once I found the owner… went to store, got an Ultra II 480, and updated his, too!!!   

I go from having nothing to do to having 2 to do!!!  

‘Vacation’ over… Back home… Now I can rest :)!