Cruzer Micro

I have a Cruzer Micro 512MB purchased in 2006 with CruzerLock2.1. While trying to re-organize files today, I noted that used space is 246MB, of which almost all is in the SecurArchive.enx file. I am trying to view files using my Windows 7 computer. Now my problem is that when I launch the ScurDataStor login, I get error, “ENX6080: Your access to this archive has expired. You may no longer access any of its contents.” How do I reset the expiration date? I am the only user and can’t believe that I would set an expiration for myself. (although, I am old enough to forget things from seven years ago and did need help to recall my password.) If I try to “install” the CruzerLock2.1Install.exe, Install, repair, or update a CruzerLock 2.1 archive on a Cruzer drive, the drop-down doesn’t display a drive. If I just try to launch CruzerLock2, I get error, “Unable to locate a license key on currently available media. In order to access all of the features available for this archive, please insert the Cruzer media that contains your license key and press Retry. To continue without the key, press continue.” Obviously, this doesn’t work or I wouldn’t be writing this. Any ideas? I would really like to know what files were so important that I felt they needed to be secured before I discard this small storage device (by today’s standards).

Try running CruzerLock in Windows Compatibility mode.  Try Windows XP SP3 and see if that helps.