Cruzer Glide 32GB is so slow......Why?

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I guess you don’t really understand my point or are in denial and work for SanDisk.


No on both counts. The bottom line is the Cruzer is a low-end flash drive that is designed and built to hit a low price point. SanDisk has many others that are designed and built for faster speeds and better performance.

And I’m not the only one saying this:

Similarly priced drives from competitors may indeed perform better. If so, buy them. Sales and profits are what controls what companies do. If they see they are losing sales to others that sell products that are better than theirs at the same price point or aren’t competitive, they will change or they will fail. That’s the free market system.

I understand that it is to meet a certain price point. What you don’t understand is that all of the other drives that I tested are cheaper and all write faster. This is the bottom of the barrel but the price isn’t compared to similar priced ones, the write speeds aren’t even close to the others that I tested with.

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_ What you don’t understand is that all of the other drives that I tested are cheaper and all write faster. _

I fully understand what you are saying. And as I said, if you feel other similarly (or lower) priced drives perform better than Sandisk’s, then buy them.

Totally agree with OP, and I don’t see how people in this thread can defend such poor performance compared to other brands at the same price. So what if it isn’t a performance version? I still expect to get the same performance as other ones at the same price. Really disappointed in the 64GB Sandisk I paid $27 for. Going to be getting a Patriot Stellar Boost XT which supports USB 3.0, has a micro USB port as well for smart phones, and is many times faster than the Sandisk model AT THE SAME PRICE. Really disappointed in Sandisk and will be avoiding their products in the future.


Are you using the SecureAccess app?  Do other flash drives use it?  Do your files need to be secured?  What do you use to secure your files on the other flash drives?  Are you aware that you can use the SanDisk drive just like the other drives?  Do you know how to use the SanDisk drive without using SecureAccess?  If not, using a different flash drive might work best for you.

Does your machine’s AV security check writes to removable drives?  Another thing that impacts writes.

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Why is it so slow?  (I am using Windows 7 64 Bit).

My problem too - thing is, I thought it was a USB3.0 drive…the packaging doesn’t say what it is on the front:


So I trusted the guy at Walmart who suggested (rightly I thought) that at the price point ($34.98 here in Canada), it could only be a USB3.0 drive…you can buy a 32gb 2.0 drive from other manufacturers for half the advertised price. So I bought the Cruzer Glide.

Big mistake, and no surprise - they refuse to take it back or allow an exchange for what I really wanted: USB 3.0.

What makes me especially angry is that I could’ve bought an equal size but lesser brand USB3.0 drive for less money…I paid extra for the sandisk name, now I’m stuck with an antiquated piece of crap that took a full seven minutes to transfer 2.25GB. 

Question: This is 2015 - why is this slug still offered for sale?

Better question: Why is there no mention of the USB format on the front of the package??

Question: This is 2015 - why is this slug still offered for sale?

Bigger question, why is WalMart selling it.  And why won’t they take it back.  Very poor customer service imo.

Second question, does your pc have USB 3.0 ports?  And are your USB ports configured for Safety or Performance?

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