Is there a good free app for converting flac, ape, etc. files to mp3?  I downloaded one (AVC, I think) and it appeard to convert the files, but they wouldn’t play.  Anybody know one that works? 

There’s a number of them out there. I’ve used EAC (Exact Audio Copy) but it is a bit ‘techy’ & complicated to get the exact settings you want. Another is Winamp, but that program is on hiatus at the moment. You might be able to find an older version to download somewhere. Note though, that you have to buy the GOLD version in order to rip .mp3’s. Since the program is discontinued, I don’t know if that is still available or not.

I think Media Monkey also supports FLAC, but you should check to see if it will convert FLAC to MP3. And I’m sure others will suggest others. These are just a couple I personally know of and have used.

Thanks, will check it out.