Connect to car radio via headphone jack OK??

Thinking of buying my first MP3 and the Fuze with flash looks like what I need to use on my motorcycle. My radio has a cassette player. Can I plug in a cassette adapter into the Fuze headphone jack and will it work OK this way?

Yes this will work great for you!  I actually recommend it over the higher priced radio trancievers that you can purchase!  It works great with cassete adaptor and one thing many people do not know is that even if your tape deck eats tapes it will still work great because all that the device needs to transfer your tunes to the radio is the metal strip that takes the place of the actual casset film!  (in other words your tape deck will not eat it) lol! Hope this helps!

Yes, I’d agree with the previous poster, the cassette adapter works much better than the FM transmitter.  With the FM system, you often need to change stations as you drive around.  The cassettes adapters aren’t perfect in that there’s some loss in sound quality, but they are much less of a hassle than the transmitters.  (Better than both of these, by a long shot imho, is having a minijack input on the front panel of the car stereo to get the sound directly into the stereo with no intermediaries.  I occassionally drive quite long distances for work and love listening music, podcasts and audiobooks on my Fuze this way.)

Great THANKS!  I’m not worried about a little loss in sound quality as I wouldn’t notice it at all on a motorcycle with a 70mph wind :smileyvery-happy: Now to just stuff the ol piggy bank for a 8GB Fuze and a dock station for home & work. Thanks again , Mike

I’d recommend the Philips adapter sold at Wal-Mart for ten bucks:


It’s high quality and provides really good sound, especially through my ancient car stereo.


All the best.

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