Fuze+ headphone jack does not fit cassette adapter

The headphone jack finally went out on my Sansa View last week after about three years so I got a Fuze+ the day before yesterday. I was pretty pleased with my purchase until I discovered when I tried to plug it into my car cassette adapter I’ve been using that it didn’t fit! The hole is too big (seriously)? The headphones I have fit fine though.

Has anyone found a cassette adapter that works with the Fuze+?

I can’t get a new stereo system or a FM adapter (too many stations to work).

Please help.

Sounds like you might need a _ mini _-USB to _ micro _-USB adaptor.

I can’t understand why it would not fit - should be a standard size. The one I have works on on my View (lost), Fuze, and Fuze+.

For what it is worth - mine’s an el-cheapo Dynex brand. I probably got it at BestBuy or RadioShack.

Similar to you - the issue won’t be properly resolved until I get a new car.

Interesting, I got mine at Radio Shack and it was the only one they had. Maybe I’ll try Best Buy. Thanks.

I honestly don’t understand it either. It’s simply loose and I do not hear the music when it’s connected. If I pull the jack out halfway I can hear music- the right speakers only. The Fuze+ is brand new, right out of the box and I’ve been using the cassette adapter for about a year now with the View, and with a similar cassette adapter for about two years before that. I always use Radio Shack adapters too and they’ve worked with every single MP3 player I’ve ever had- until now.

I just quadruple-checked in my car, using the cassette adapter. An Archos 2, Archos 2 Vision, Sansa Fuze, and Fuze+

All work fine, and I put balance control to extreme L & R.

Have you checked using other (newer) headphones, after all, it’s all the same jack? Borrow some to check if possible.

You mentioned that the jack from the cassette is actually loose - by chance has the black sleeve in the Sansa that surrounds the jack come out, creating “wiggle room”? There is the case of the Fuze+ itself, and a black sleeve (on black Fuze+ anyway) within that. (I don’t know how it could losen, but just a thought).

I’ve tried two sets of headphones and they both work, just no luck on the adapter for the car. The Fuze+ is only a couple of days old, the very first time I tried to use it was in the car, so I don’t know how it could have become loose as nothing has had a chance to happen to it.

if the headphone jack on the  Fuze+ is like the jacks on the Fuze and Clip+ then the headphone jack is very tight when  the player is new, and a bit of force may be needed to get the plug all the way in.

That’s not the problem. It’s the opposite. As I clearly said in the third sentence of the first post- the hole in the Fuze+  (brand new, right out of the box) is too big for the cassette adapter that I have been using successfully with the View.

It’s possible I suppose, that an errant headphone jack somehow got installed at the factory, but as far as I know all are made in the 3.5mm (1/8") size.

I wouldn’t screw around with it any more. Take (or send) it back to your dealer and get another one.

I went and got a Dynex adapter at Best Buy because Brush said that worked for him. I have no idea why the Radio Shack one wouldn’t work…but the Dynex fits snug as a bug. Go figure. They all look like standard 1/8" tips and I honestly cannot tell the difference between the Dynex adapter, Radio Shack (Gigaware), or either of my two Philips headphones, but the Gigaware adapter simply did not work. So…I’m happy now that I have a working adapter, just strange I had to had this problem to begin with! :smileyvery-happy: