The cable is good because it fills the battery.I dont see the clip zip

on my computer.

What USB Mode is it (the player) set to? I would try MSC. Then the Zip shoould show up as 2 separate drives, one the internal memory and the other the card slot.

It is set on Msc and still not recognized …

The power wires for the cable might be okay, however the cable might still be defective for transferring data. Try a different cable. Try giving the player a long charge wilth a cell phone charger or other AC usb charger before you try connecting it again. Sometimes when the player battery gets very low, the pc might not detect it. 

If you are using a desktop pc, are you using a real usb port? Some front USB ports don’t give enough power for the player. If you are using a notebook computer, plug in the computer to power first before attaching the player. 

Some notebooks go into low power mode/USB1 mode when running on battery power to conserve power. Plug the player directly into the usb port, not through hubs or usb extension cables. Try using a different usb cable.