Compliance with SD Specs Part 1, Physical Layer, Simplified Specifications Version 2.0 Sept 25, 2006

Hi. I have come to this forum because the technical support at SanDisk is neither technical nor can they support. I am a developer trying to understand why SanDisk does not work with my application whereas it works with other SD cards. What is to follow is technical and if you have written programs to read an SD card than you will understand what I am saying.

My application uses the SPI interface. The device is a MicroSDHC 8GB (class 4). It goes through the entire initialization process as specified in the SD Specs V2.0 (Pg 25) as expected. That is it enters SPI Mode and CMD0, CMD8, CMD58(Get OCR), ACMD41 and CMD58 (Get CCS) all goes through with normal completion codes. However, at the last CMD58 the CCS returned is ‘0’ when I expected it to be ‘1’ because it is a SDHC card. ACMD41 is executed with HCS=‘1’. I have tried this on 2 other SanDisk 8GB SDHC devices and the behaviour is consistant. However, when I tried it on a Transcend SDHC 8GB (class 4), this problem does not exist.

Has any developer in this forum experienced such a problem?