clip sport worked for years - now it won't take charge and computer doesn't see it -

My clip sport has been great for years.  A couple of days ago it began not being seen by the computer and doesn’t appear to charge (nor with an ac connection).  I guess this is a dead battery?  I am hoping there is some way to revive it, and frankly it is upsetting to buy a product that just dies.  In addition, I can’t access the stuff on my hard drive (I have a micro sd card in it, and to put stuff on it over the last few days I’ve taken the card out and put it directly into the computer).  The battery is getting really low and I can’t figure out how to charge it.  I feel like I’m on a death watch.  I’m hoping there’s a solution, as it’s very useful to me.  Appreciate the help.  As I say, it’s really annoying to buy something that just expires.  And I can’t get to my stuff on it.  Help is appreciated.