Change play time to count down time

I listen to a lot of podcasts and would like to know the remaining amount of time that is left to play. I want to change the display of the play time to a count down time. Any way to do this?

can’t be done with clip

Of course, you can guesstimate this by the time elapsed and the relative position of the marker on the file progress bar.

@thoma wrote:
can’t be done with clip


Respectfully, there is no such thing as “Cant”.

With the present firmware, yes. But I for one would very much prefer to see Time Remaining than Time Elapsed. I was going to open a thread to request that, when I saw this.

Time elspsed is really useless information, unless you know in advance the total time for each cut. And then you have to do some math to determine time elapsed, by which time more time is elapsed.

Time Remaining, in all modes, is first on my wish list for the next firmware update. It could even be a switchable choice, as it is in every one of the players on my PC has it.


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Yep, Time Remaining for all modes is what I want. Well said!

Yes, Time remaining would be a great change.  At a minimum I’d like it for Audiobooks and Podcasts.

It would be a nice feature to have, at least for music.

To display time elapsed versus time remaining is a matter of personal preference.

My preference is for elapsed time, especially in podcasts, as it’s easier to think of “how far” into the cast playback has elapsed, versus how much time is remaining.  The progress bar makes for a simple visual reference of playback percentage.

I empathize with you in the situation when a few minutes remain on a long podcast, as the limited resolution of the display bar makes it difficult to guess the remaining time.

SanDisk has opted for simplicity in the display, but a selectable mode would be convenient for many users.

I would place the option in the submenu, as a toggle from elapsed/remaining time.  To avoid confusion, the display would need to add a little ( - ) or negative prior to the display counter. 

Try playing an audiobook file, in which the display will be in the format 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss).  Now, let’s add that negative sign, and then the progress bar, in the same display line.  At this level, I can see SanDisk’s point, as there’s a lot of information in that wee display line.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: