case included with refurbs?


My partner and I just ordered  2 of the 8gb Fuze+ and our anxiously awaiting their arrival! Curious to know if the nice drawstring pouch which is included with the new players is also included with the refurb players? If not, how can we obtain 2 of them?

Thank you kindly!

Sandisk doesn’t sell refurbs, only third parties do. What accessories are included would be up to them. There ARE a couple of Fuze+ cases in the Sandisk Store (click “Shop Sandisk” of the page) , but the drawstring pouch isn’t one of them.

what draw sting pouch? I didn’t get one with mine and it would have saved me many a scratch! If one really comes with the player then I will demand Sandisk take my player back due to the nice big scratch in the center of my screen since I didn’t get the full package!

Mine didn’t come with a cool pouch.

I demand that somebody compensate me with a box of jelly donuts, preferably raspberry or better yet, strawberry.  And coffee!


Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

@bob: I’m just rather angry becuase if the pouch thing is true then it could have saved me from the scratches on my screen from simply being in my pocket!

Indeed, I’m not arguing that either.  A pouch, at least a basic soft one as we had with the e200 series , would have been great.

I solved the isssue on my Fuze+ by a simple ghetto fix, and it works great!  First, I polished the face- this operation took a while, as the Fuze+ has an anti-scratch coating.  Then I applied this material:

Anything made by 3M deserves a second look.  They invest more heavily in QC and R&D than most anyone in the industry, and the resulting product is superb!

You can carefully apply a strip of this basic packaging tape to the face of the Fuze+, then carefully trim-to-fit.  There are two characteristics of this tape that I must pass on to you.

  • Excellent scratch resistance.
  • Excellent adhesive backing that actually fills in surface scratches.

I can simply plop my Fuze+ in the gear bag without worrying about the face, it’s great stuff, and until using it, I dreaded scratching the Fuze.  The Invisible Shield material is better, but at pennies per application, give it a try!!

Oh, eclairs or Napoleons will suffice as a substitute, but I still have a fondness for jellies.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

what about the scratches that are there right now? Also how do I know if it’s a simple serfuce scratch?

Light scratches are ones you can see, but can barely feel if a fingernail is pulled across it.  Most scratches can easily be polished away.  The tape will hide most of these with its flexible adhesive layer, it’s surprising.

Bob  :wink:

polished away with what? I’ll give the packing tape a try.