Card Not Detected by Computer

I have a Sandisk Ultra Class 10 16gb and 32gb that my card reader is not detecting. When they are in my DSLR Camera they work just fine but when I try to read them on my computer nothing happens. I have another 16gb that is read just fine so it does not seem to be the reader. I have windows 7. 

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Perhaps, if the cards, were formatted in the camera, then, are not detected by the PC.

But, please, try the cards in a laptop, directly to your port-card, and see what happens.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                           (Google translated)

i also have same issue, purchased on 22 July & been using it since.

suddenly 3 days ago the sd card not detected in my phone, i put it on card reader also not detected by my pc…

previuosly been purchased the 16 gb for my galaxy note 2 and working well not any single issue happen, then purchase another one for my redmi 1s & the problem appears,

the online store that 1 purchased this sd card says that i need to provide the box for warranty claim…

i dont have the box due its already 3 months ago & no mention earlier that i need to provide the box for warranty claim…

been emailing also to support but no answer till now… :frowning:

:smiley:   Hi Amlbuton,   

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome (1) .

Please, do not grieve more.

Contact _ SanDisk Technical Support _ who will replace the device, if it’s authentic and is within warranty.



Regards, Alfred.                                                          (Google translated)