Cant BackUp a 4.5GB AVI file to a 64GB Flashdrive. I am using Windows 7.

when I try to save a 4.5GB AVI file to my 64GB Flash Drive with plenty room to spare, a message says “too big to be stored”. I do however save such files to an external 500GB storage with no problems.  I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium with 64-bit Operating System.

 I am not as sofisticated in the computer matters that I would like to be.So your help will be greatly appreciated.

I asked the question then started digging. Flah Drive come with FAT32 format. Files greater than 4GB can not be moved to a Flash drive. The 500GB external drive is formated as NTSF.   The question is; how acn I either zip or do something to my AVI file short of cutting it to halfs. I am not sure if I cat it in halfs since this is a home movie and will not make since to be in two parts.

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1-   Friend, it’s simple: as the UFD is in FAT32 format, and this format as it supports files up to 4 GB limit, you should make a home movie (.avi) up to 3.9 GB, and then there will be no problem.
So you can play the movie (.avi) in “DVD player” with USB port.

2-   If you only use the UFD to save movies, and play them on the PC, then can format the UFD in exFAT, and can store movies more than 4 GB file size.


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Hello Alfred and thanks for your suggestions.

I use a program “convert XT5” that converts the AVI to a format that most DVD players can play. I then want to save the AVI file in storage. While looking around I found a download that zips my 4.5GB file to less than 4GB. I could save it on Flash Drive then. However, as you suggested to make my files less than 4GB and not worry about anything is the best solution.

Thanks for your input.

How about just formatting your USB drive to NTFS? That should solve your issues pretty quick.