Cannot write to 8GB SD card from my PC after it has been used in a Canon DSLR camera.

I purchased a SanDisk Ultra 8GB SD card and used it with my Canon DSLR camera.  The SD card works fine with my camera, but when I tried to write to it with my PC, it gave ‘write protect’ error.  The card in in its unlock position and I tried to re-format it with my PC without any luch, still got the ‘write protect’ error.  Tried everything mentioned on the SanDisk web-site in vain.  Is it possible my Canon camera put a software ‘write protection’ on the card?  How can I disable it?

Can you try to use your camera as a means of reader and see if it will work properly with the computer. It might be that your card reader does not support SDHC cards. Check your card reader if it says SD or SDHC on it.

Yes, my computer supports SDHC.  I tested that SD card on my PC before I used it with my camera.  After it was written by my camera, it does not work with my PC anymore.  My PC still can read the stored images from the card, it just can’t write to it, not even formatting it.

Cameras are not capable of locking cards… Can your camera still save pictures to the card? If yes, it might be a problem with card reader I would suggest trying it with a different card reader. If you are getting an error that the card is lock when you use it with camera as well, try to toggle the lock switch up and down about 4 times then try it again. New cards sometimes needs looseing the lock mechanism.

If all fails, call tech support already or just return it to the store.

Thanks, I am returning the card!