Cannot view Video added from a DVD to a Ultra USB 3.0 Flash drive

I have a MAC and I have a video on a DVD that a created from a Video Camera several years ago.
I cannot remember the recording Process for the DVD but the DVD opens with my MAC App of the  DVD Player and I can set the program to do that.
It appears that I cannot do that for this Flash Drive.

I cannot find in Prefs or the drop down menu where there can be a change it what software opens a video.

The San Disk Flash drive will not play it and it states that the Quick Time player .
I do not use the Quick time for Videos,

I asked the Company and the wrote saying, S/b DVD: not CD

“I really apologize for the inconvenience caused and will surely help you in a timely manner. It seems like the video file which you transferred from the CD is not being played by the Quick time player. Quick time is not able to open the file type. You can open the file using any other video player.”

I am hoping that someone on the forum has an answer to my question.

Thanks in advance,


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Not being an Apple  user I did some research.  You might find these links useful:

But there are still questions that need to be answered: 

What is the format of the movie on the home dvd? ie the movie’s file name extention.

How did you get the movie from the dvd to the USB? 

Did you simply copy it, which I think would work, or did you use some app to copy it? 

What is the format of the movie file on the USB?

You didn’t write it to a SecureAccess vault perchance did you?

Thanks, I will check the Links, in the meantime here are the :

The File Format:


When you open it the main (large) files read:

 VTS_01_VOB, 02, 03

There is also small size items with:



I dragged and dropped the video from the DVD that was loaded into the Computer, no special app.
I cannot recall how I put in on the DVD, I am thinking that it was either from the Software “Toast” or iMovie.

Not a video expert either but those files are part of a video type cd format.  They are not files like and alike.  Some video app created that dvd, as such you need an app to to move it to the usb drive.

When you play the dvd in the Mac does the app that plays it have an option to save it to a different location?  If not you need to search for an app that will do that.  Preferably a free one. 

Check some Mac forums and see what they suggest.

Good luck.