Cannot change language in the apps

Hi experts,

I come from Hong Kong, I am using 128G Wireless Stick, my Nexus 6 and iPhone6S are using Traditional Chinese. However, SanDisk Connect Apps shown Simplify Chinese.

How can I change to Trad Chinese or English ?

Thanks a lot.


in that case the app should choose the native iOS language in order to operate. if you see that the language is not set correctly in the app you should contact the support directly to expalin them the issue so they can link the correct language in the app for you

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the app uses the native OS language and the region you are in to display the app language. Currently the app only supports simplified for the hong kong region. SanDisk support said the apps team will add traditional option for hong kong in a future update but they do not have any info when this update will be available. 

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Thanks drlucky reply,

Hope SanDisk apps team can be done as soon as possible. And now, multi language option is a major issue for IT equipment, at least you may give me back English, right ?

I really like this SanDisk Wireless Stick, it solved my duplicated files between iPhone and Android Phone, it can also saved my mobiles memory space. 

Amazing product needs to have amazing apps, please SanDisk corp puts more effort to develop this apps, maybe give them more budget, ha ha…

your sincerely,
Alan Wong

Thanks schnuffyrex reply 

You are welcome and i do hope that the drive will work fine after the release.