Can refreshing media be disabled?

I have thousands of mp3 files. Everytime I add a handful of files, it takes 5-10 minutes to refresh the media. Is there a way to disable this? I am adding these files to a folder which has very few files but it seems this refresh media thing goes through ALL the files when the other folders haven’t been touched.

not that i know of.

i have a ton of files too and I find it usually takes about 2 minutes to refresh

one thing to consider - don’t just add one or two files every time you feel like it.  wait until you have more files to transfer, and do it less often.

I have a folder for podcasts and I get just a few new ones each week so your suggestion doesn’t work for me. I have music folders which have tens of music files and hardly get updated and I have a podcast folder which gets few new podcasts every week. The clip needs to be smart enough to know that I am adding files to a small folder and to add its contents to the media database and not blindly rescan the entire device and the micro SD just because I added a handful of files.

Maybe the refresh should be done on demand.

How would it know what files were added or deleted (or moved) unless it scanned its contents…and while scanning, it might as well re-index…

That’s why I suggested to scan on demand. I am listening to stuff by folder. I don’t care about reindexing and having a real time updated database.

Anyways, it’s not a big problem. Just wondering if it can be turned off.