Can I use Itunes?

Are itunes downloads compatible with sansa fuze? plz help! :dizzy_face:

One word. No :wink:

They are DRM protected and, sadly, the Sansa doesn’t support that

Some aren’t DRM “protected” (though most are)…but even the ones that aren’t use a format that the Sansa doesn’t support.

I’ve always thought it funny they use that word “protected”. What are they protecting us from? From using anything not made by Apple?

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The iTunes plus ones aren’t protected…

Yeah, pretty much!

Not having a Apple, I can’t say for certain, but I believe Itunes music is in a “Apple-only” format. I think you have to download to your computer, burn to a CD, then rip the CD back to your computer in .mp3 or .wma format.

So, yes, I think you can do it; it just requires a few more steps to work. I would also think that all that converting between “lossy” formats might result in low-quality music?

Well, to get more specific: “iTunes Plus” isn’t DRM-restricted, but it is in a format that Sansa doesn’t support. Its not “Apple-only”; its an ISO-standard format and some other players do support it.

The burn/rip method is the most practical way of getting iTunes music onto the Fuze. If you use iTunes for all of that (specify mp3 as the “import” format), it’ll retain the music tags.

For non-protected files (that is, not .m4p), Media Codershould convert to mp3.  Otherwise, the burning and ripping process described above is your best bet.

Buy mp3s from Amazon, Emusic, etc., and they’ll play in an Ipod AND in a Sansa.  

Yeah, I was just saying that plus can be converted

My friend has iTunes, and he has to burn/rip for his Sansa (He doesn’t buy music from it anymore, but he still has his old songs)